“Taste Florence”

If you do not dispose of lot of time but still – you are extremely interested to get to know this wonderful city, we would like to introduce our hot news. We offer shortcut to history, culture and gastronomy of Florence. This external sightseeing of main dominants and the most beautiful sights of city reverts you back in time immediately!

Program: Piazza della Repubblica Square –Piazza del Duomo Square – Piazza della Signoria – Santa Croce

Duration: 3 hours

Price: from 120 €

Group: Max 6 persons

Included: Guide

Extra: Tastings

“Florence by all senses”

If you visit Florence for the first time, we definitely recommend to use while visiting the city, all your 5 senses: we will see a lot, we will touch the art, we will listen to legends and stories from long time ago, we will taste local specialities, we will feel the smell of first, but legendary perfume and much more. We will visit externally almost all the main sights, but also the secret hidden places where being a tourist, you are not allowed to enter. Maybe this is the place where you discover your hidden 6th sense ...

Program: Late morning: Piazza della Repubblica Square – Baptisterium of Saint John – Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore – Chapels of Medici (externally) – Gastronomical part 1: the best BIO ice cream in the city – local marketplace and tasting of local salamis, hams and truffles – bakery with cookies “Cantuccini” – lunch on own at central market (very wide range of local cuisine dishes). Clients can decide between more options: Wine tasting with bruschettas – “Home made pasta” – Florentine “Lampredotto” (tripes), Bistecca Fiorentina (steak) – Seafood – Pizza (on own expenses). Afternoon: Cathedral of Santa Maria Novella – Antique pharmacy – Handicraft shop visit - Piazza della Signoria – Uffizi – Ponte Vecchio – Palazzo Pitti (externally). Walk is with breaks in airconditioned facilities where you can rest or taste (as per your choice)

Duration: 5 hours

Price: from 200 €

“Monument of Florence”

As per 2016 statistics Uffizi is the most visited gallery in Italy. Also nowadays you can feel there presence of former owners, the most important family of Florence – Medici. Enjoy the fascinating stories behind the pictures of Giotto, Boticelli, Leonardo da Vinci or Caravaggio or perfect statue of famous David that Michelangelo made in Accademia.

Galleries: Uffizi – Palazzo Vecchio – Accademia –Palatina Gallery – Chapels of Medici – Bargello

Duration: from 1 hour

Price: 60€/hour

Group size: Max 6 persons

Included: Guide

Extra: Entrance fees

“Secrets of Florence”

Visit of Palazzo Vecchio building interior makes you ask thousands of questions. As the result of smart brain of Medici family, there are many secret chambers and corridors. They served also as an exit when endangered, but also for their secret lovers and other treasures ...

Galleries: Palazzo Vecchio (secret corridors)

Duration: 1:30 hours

Price: 200€

Group: Max 6 persons

Included: Guide

Extra: entrance fee 14€/person